In the Nata Village  there is a school for health called Sua Secondary School Health Club.  They make muralon in the city so they can teach the community to be healthy. They are hoping that it will help people make a difference. I think it is a good idea and it could help people. If people are willing to change themselves then it will work, because they are already doing their part. The community has to do theirs. Here are some examples:




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Ntwakgolo Support Group:

                     In Nata there has been a group that work for sowing leather and clothes earned a certificate.  They also just learned how to make necklaces and bracelets. They can do this job at home. Congratulations To Them!

Support group with diplomas

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A tranquil lodge at a key intersection

                        There is a new place were you can stay in Nata. It is really pretty and it has all types of rooms you want. They have T.v. in the rooms.  Their pool is really amazing to. I think that this hotel would be good to stay at. They say they have good furniture too.


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                  The Nata village has now Internet access. They are available for people like traveler, campers, and citizens. They have them at the post office to send quick emails. They can now fax also.

Post office internet

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                              Mr. Tiro has donated some soccer balls to the Nata village school. They were very pleased with them. They have teams, and now they can ppractice better. When they are finished with their homework they can practice to win.

Soccer mania

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Vocab. Words:

1. Bulge: to swell out.

2. Bulk: great size or mass.

3. Crouton: a small cube toasted or fried bread.

4. Kimono: a loose robe worn as an outer garment in Japan.

5. Merino: a breed of sheep with fine, silky wool.

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Swanky wood projection clock goes vertical or horizontal:

                                     This is a really nice and cool looking clock. It is made out of wood and it works either horizontal or vertical. It even tells you the temperature of outdoors and indoors. The clock also projects of to the wall or ceiling for you and it is very useful. This is coming out soon and it cost $130.

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